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McKnight’s Long-Term Care News Features Electronic Caregiver & Realtime Senior Living Partnership

McKnight Long-Term Care NewsElectronic Caregiver was recently featured in McKnight’s Long-Term Care News highlighting our new partnership with Realtime Senior Living. It will now be easier for Realtime Senior Living users to locate senior living & care options using Electronic Caregiver’s technology. This exciting union is expected to launch in early 2020.

Read the coverage full here on McKnight’s.

Electronic Caregiver, Addison Care and NMSU Athletics

“It’s an honor to provide and support these programs, especially these athletic programs.” Anthony Dohrmann CEO, Electronic Caregiver



vr lab at nmsu provided by ecg

Virtual reality research lab unveiled at New Mexico State University

“Staff and students will use the lab to conduct aging and functional lifespan research, along with research of visual search scenarios and motor performance environments.”

nmsu opens a vr/ar lab donated by electronic caregiver

NMSU unveils Addison Care virtual reality research lab

“We’re able to do things with this technology, that’s transformational and educational,” Anthony Dohrmann, CEO of Electronic Caregiver shared.

Electronic Caregiver funds VR lab at NMSU

NMSU partners with Electronic Caregiver for virtual reality research

Post said. “One of the experiments that we’ll get started is caregiver training where you look around the house to see what potentially could be items that might be fall risks.”



Enabling healthcare access from home: Electronic Caregiver’s AWS-powered virtual caregiver

With this set-up, it is as though the patient has a constant caregiver watching out for them, so they receive the quality of care typical of a full-time facility like a nursing home, but possible from their own house. As a further benefit, even individuals who are not co-located with the patient (such as family members on a different continent) can get real-time updates from across the world.

Amazon Talks Addison Care

“We saw an opportunity to use the latest sensing, artificial intelligence, and other cloud-based technologies to address unmet customer needs with a fuller-featured solution than traditional alert devices,” says Bryan Chasko, chief technology officer at Electronic Caregiver. “Our goal was a product that would be a better fit for today’s seniors and expand the walls of the medical practice by providing a more complete picture of senior patients’ health.”

Sistema atencion virtual para enfermedades cronicas

Un sistema de atención virtual ayuda en el control de enfermedades crónicas

“Es como tener a un cuidador en vivo”, nos cuenta Vincent Meléndez, jefe de desarrollo de ElectronicCaregiver.

Home health care revolution

Home Care Technology Revolution Now

Emerging technologies and leading innovators are merging with home care providers delivering new business models to access new market opportunities and to grow rapidly, and more profitably. The current home care technology revolution is providing a new way of building market opportunities and providing new capabilities specifically designed to assist home care providers with serving larger markets.