Toyota's Woven City

Electronic Caregiver Featured in Article on Future of Smart Cities

Electronic Caregiver along with ToyotaVayyar, and Sekisui House, are leading the “smart city” movement, according to After recently showcasing at CES 2020, Addison’s role in making a smart health home is explained here.

Tony Dohrmann Talks about Addison Care & Digital Health Tech on Techstination

Electronic Caregiver CEO, Anthony Dohrmann, was interviewed on the Techstination podcast today about Addison Care leading up the CES. He digs into what digital health tech is all about, the issues, and insights on where the industry is going.

Addison Care will be featured at CES, January 7-10, 2020, in Sands Expo, Halls A-D, Booth #42142.

To listen to the podcast, click here.


Electronic Caregiver, Addison Care and NMSU Athletics

“It’s an honor to provide and support these programs, especially these athletic programs.” Anthony Dohrmann CEO, Electronic Caregiver



vr lab at nmsu provided by ecg

Virtual reality research lab unveiled at New Mexico State University

“Staff and students will use the lab to conduct aging and functional lifespan research, along with research of visual search scenarios and motor performance environments.”

nmsu opens a vr/ar lab donated by electronic caregiver

NMSU unveils Addison Care virtual reality research lab

“We’re able to do things with this technology, that’s transformational and educational,” Anthony Dohrmann, CEO of Electronic Caregiver shared.

Electronic Caregiver funds VR lab at NMSU

NMSU partners with Electronic Caregiver for virtual reality research

Post said. “One of the experiments that we’ll get started is caregiver training where you look around the house to see what potentially could be items that might be fall risks.”



Home health care revolution

Home Care Technology Revolution Now

Emerging technologies and leading innovators are merging with home care providers delivering new business models to access new market opportunities and to grow rapidly, and more profitably. The current home care technology revolution is providing a new way of building market opportunities and providing new capabilities specifically designed to assist home care providers with serving larger markets.

virtual caregiver addison


electronic caregiver and trend hunter

Virtual caregivers support individuals with various medical needs

Among the tech that is featured on this page, only one has a virtual character, which is part of what sets us apart from the others. According to these trend hunters, our product is also pretty trendy, rating at a 7.1 out of 10. Remaining on the bleeding edge of innovation is how we can stay ahead of the curve.”

-Dakota Marquez, Business Insights Manager