Virtual Caregiver ™

For at-risk patients with chronic illness, those who have fall risks, or those who have challenging health regimens to follow through on, Addison is the continual, uninterrupted support to keep customers on track.

Benefits for Chronic Care Management

Addison Care is personalized for individual patient care plans and configured with health monitoring features and connected devices for continual coordinated care. Addison can monitor up to 6 different vitals including blood pressure, weight, blood glucose, respiratory performance, pulse and blood oxygen levels, and body temperature. Addison reminds a patient when it’s time to measure a vital, shows them how to use a device, verify they took the reading, and help if a vital reading is out of threshold.

Monitoring Vitals, Made Easy

Addison Care can monitor 1-6 vitals based on patient needs and disease profile. Remembering to measure vitals is easier for the patient, and there is no more managing or losing lists. All of the patient data and trends are stored and available on-demand for the patient, caregivers, and providers. Threshold alerts immediately notify providers and responsible parties at the first indication of health decline, resulting in faster medical intervention, treatment adjustments, and better outcomes. 


Addison can explain which medication to take and when, and even explain what medications a patient took last in case they forgot, to avoid accidental excessive dosing.

Addison also has optional features to help identify if a patient develops an adverse drug reaction if medication changes by monitoring decision speed, leveraging motion analysis, conducting virtual exams and sentiment assessment.


Treatment plans are personalized with interactive patient engagement for rehabilitation routines with full instruction, demonstration, and performance monitoring.

Addison Care virtual exams can be programmed to conduct interactive conversational assessments, behavioral health assessments, and to deliver programs to support nutrition plans and caregiver education.

Care Plan Evaluation

With automated interactive health assessments, real-time vitals monitoring, and detailed analytics, providers can measure and monitor how patients respond to treatment and treatment adjustments. Addison empowers providers to make more accurate and informed treatment decisions with faster intervention and early identification. 


Electronic Caregiver offers a 24/7 physician-on-demand service we call pocketMD.

pocketMD is a 24/7 telehealth feature that allows patients and clients to receive an in-home consultation from a qualified physician. Oftentimes, this expedites care and results in prescription being called in, all from the comfort of the patient’s own home.

The Most Ambitious Form of Virtual Caregiving in the World

For optimized support and care coordination between patients, providers, family members, and professional caregivers, Addison is in a class by herself. 

Reliable, Secure, and Redundant

Addison Care is designed with equipment that is an impressive octuple redundant. In the event internet or power is lost to the home, Addison has an integrated backup battery and is cellular-enabled through a connected smart communication hub. Even in partial resource mode, Addison can still connect to health peripherals for vitals monitoring and reporting, 24/7 physician-on-demand service, 24/7 emergency response services, monitored medication reminders, and even 2-way natural language processing for automated in-home assessments.

All critical alerts and notifications still function for customers, caregivers, and partners.

Never Lose Service, Never be Alone

Addison Care is monitored by Rapid Response Monitoring Services, the most advanced monitoring facility in America. Every aspect of their technology, infrastructure and operations is multi-redundant to work faultlessly and ensure error-free, uninterrupted resource availability.

Rapid Response operates two fully redundant facilities, which work together to deliver reliable service to the entire United States, parts of Canada, and Bermuda.  Their operators are the most advanced professionals available in the industry.

Addison brings the most reliable service and protection coverage available today.