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“A kiosk that assesses postural stability is a great development. Patients fall when standing and walking, and different dynamics and mechanics are involved. Today, patients admitted to emergency rooms and hospitals are assessed for risk of falling by questionnaire.

A system that can accurately assess fall risks would be a great improvement, and a device that assesses the effects of interventions on gait and balance, especially after spine or brain surgery, after medication, and after therapy, would be a great advance. It eliminates the subjectivity of questionnaires.” 

– Dr. Abe Lieberman
Founder of Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at Barrow Neurological Institute,
Medical Director of the Movement Disorders Clinic at Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix.

You can speak to Addison and experience the ECG Fall Risk Consultation right now from your web browser on Macbook Pro and Windows 10 devices!

In order to take part, your Operating System must be up to date and you’ll need Google Chrome version 66.0.3359.139, with an enabled external microphone.   Screen ratio must be set at 16 x 9 in order for proper viewing.   A high speed internet connection is also required.

Once you navigate to the consultation, click “confirm location."  You don’t need to select a location before doing so (the ability to select a location may be disabled for your device, as well).

Please note that the second portion of the Fall Risk Consultation, the gait analysis portion, will not work without additionally installed software that is only available for select health service providers through an Electronic Caregiver Regional Director.  Call 800-Alarm-55 to learn more.

To begin, click the link below while in Google Chrome. Then, when prompted, allow Chrome to access both your location and your microphone.

Click Here to begin the ECG Fall Risk Consultation

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