Health Care Weekly Best Gadgets CES 2019

“Engineered to sound affectionate and empathetic, Addison is a companion, a nurse and a fitness instructor all in one.”


Addison Care the virtual caregiver

Addison Care, The Best Choice

“If you are looking for the most aspiring solution for your healthcare then Addison care is the best choice.


Addison Care Virtual Caregiver for the elderly

Addison catches Siliconeer’s Eye at CES

With the data gathered from the device, “we can classify people as high-risk or low-risk fallers,” said David Keeley, research director for Addison parent firm SameDay Security.

addison care virtual caregiver

Addison Care intended to fill gaps in Home Healthcare

“Intended to fill gaps in care, primarily for the elderly, the device, from Electronic Caregiver, was built using Amazon Sumerian that helped to create and run VR, AR and 3D applications.”

InfoGain Engineering Business Outcomes

While these products can’t replace care and monitoring by a medical professional, many of them can improve the user’s awareness of their health conditions, promote healthier behaviors, and identify risk factors. We rounded up some of the most interesting health technology products from CES 2019.

Virtual Caregiver

Movers and Shakers 2019

“Addison Caregiver, an electronic health monitoring system that interacts with its users through a female character of the same name. The artificial intelligence-based system has been years in the making. But its functionality has progressed faster than the company originally planned.”

VRScout Addison Care Electronic Caregiver

VR Scout News on Addison Care

Developed by Electronic Caregiver, a division of SameDay Security Inc, Addison Care converts the home into a full-time healthcare center through its use of Addison, a brand new voice-based virtual assistant that employs a combination of artificial intelligence and augmented reality to provide more intimate, comfortable care to “her” patients.

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Anthony Dohrman's addison care is the world's first virtual caregiver

The First VR Assistant

Bryan Chasko is the Chief Technology Officer at Electronic Caregiver and is the person who led the effort to build Addison. He is also one among the 54 AWS Community Heros who are recognized for contributing to creating a knowledge-sharing community.

NMSU Professors get Funding for Virtual Reality Lab

The lab will be led by professor Phillip Post of the Department of Kinesiology and Dance and Michael C. Hout, an associate psychology professor.

Hout calls the lab a game-changer, saying it represents a huge technological investment.

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