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The Transformation of an Industry

Want to know the future of health care in the United States and around the world? If you live in Las Cruces, just look up.

The top two floors of the city’s tallest building – originally the First National Bank Tower and later Wells Fargo Tower – are occupied by Electronic Caregiver (ECG), which now has its name on the tower at 506 S. Main St. and is setting the standard and continuously raising the bar for home health care technology.

Chronic Disease Management Assistance Now Available

“There is no more user-friendly system on the market today. It’s like having a live caregiver standing there providing a simple instruction without having to work with complicated technology.” Vincent Melendez; Business Development

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The Concept of Virtual Care

“If helping 10 million patients manage a chronic illness requires hundreds of thousands of people video chatting in a call center, you’ve missed the concept of virtual care,”

Addison Virtual Caregiver and TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade Market Watch

“Non-adherence to care plans leads to loss of functional independence, loss of life, hospitalization and medical complications, and it is costing America hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Now add the fact our aging population is expanding so rapidly, it is scheduled to double in size in the coming 30 years. This is a big problem for insurers, health institutions, and the government. They cannot handle the load they have today. This is tomorrow’s financial crises and it has investors and financial markets concerned.”

Pro Health system from Electronic Caregiver

Pro Health System is Launched!

“There is no more user-friendly system on the market today,” Vincent Melendez, Head of Business Development at Electronic Caregiver, said. “It’s like having a live caregiver standing there providing a simple instruction without having to work with complicated technology. We can even set alerts so if certain vital readings are too high or low, we can get a message to providers or responsible parties. Our clients say the experience is a welcome relief and a joy to use.”

Market Watch expllains the benefits of Addison virtual caregiver

Financial Impact of Virtual Caregiving

“Working with partners such as the geriatric and movement disorders labs at New Mexico State University, and engaging in clinical trials with G60 Trauma who specializes in trauma care for age 60+ patients, they have developed a stunning, affordable, virtual caregiving system that is predicted to cut costs upwards of 92% between now and 2050…”

Anthony Dohrmann's CTO explains Addison Care Solutions

Chief Technology Officer from Electronic Caregiver and VR Voice

Electronic Caregiver’s Chief Technology Officer explains Addison Care Solutions

Anthony Dohrmann creates AR/VR Lab

The Addison Care AR/VR Laboratory at NMSU

The Addison Care VR/AR Laboratory will be located inside Milton Hall. NMSU professors Phillip Post, interim department head of the Department of Kinesiology and Dance, and Michael C. Hout, NMSU associate professor in the Department of Psychology, will co-direct the lab. NMSU students and professors will have access to the lab in order to conduct researching using augmented and virtual reality.