Enabling healthcare access from home: Electronic Caregiver’s AWS-powered virtual caregiver

With this set-up, it is as though the patient has a constant caregiver watching out for them, so they receive the quality of care typical of a full-time facility like a nursing home, but possible from their own house. As a further benefit, even individuals who are not co-located with the patient (such as family members on a different continent) can get real-time updates from across the world.


Amazon Talks Addison Care

“We saw an opportunity to use the latest sensing, artificial intelligence, and other cloud-based technologies to address unmet customer needs with a fuller-featured solution than traditional alert devices,” says Bryan Chasko, chief technology officer at Electronic Caregiver. “Our goal was a product that would be a better fit for today’s seniors and expand the walls of the medical practice by providing a more complete picture of senior patients’ health.”