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The Concept of Virtual Care

“If helping 10 million patients manage a chronic illness requires hundreds of thousands of people video chatting in a call center, you’ve missed the concept of virtual care,” http://www.news9.com/story/39911617/electronic-caregiver-launches-breakthrough-new-virtual-care-solution-for-chronic-disease-management?fbclid=IwAR2gVo7N50s06evuwDqLMbIveXXdjxtKaoGnbs429mi4Jr5LqoqFERZcmTE

TD Ameritrade Market Watch

“Non-adherence to care plans leads to loss of functional independence, loss of life, hospitalization and medical complications, and it is costing America hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Now add the fact our aging population is expanding so rapidly, it is scheduled to double in size in the coming 30 years. This is a […]

Pro Health System is Launched!

“There is no more user-friendly system on the market today,” Vincent Melendez, Head of Business Development at Electronic Caregiver, said. “It’s like having a live caregiver standing there providing a simple instruction without having to work with complicated technology. We can even set alerts so if certain vital readings are too high or low, we […]


“It’s an ambitious and intriguing concept.” https://www.pcmag.com/article/366317/six-more-trends-that-stood-out-at-ces-2019?fbclid=IwAR1tEbgSDjKP7HDNM6-IrQlfldrjx6WPxz0PQ60S7wSW3kwmHBCoRVjkyuc  

Attractive and Effective

“The devices are pretty attractive and offered in a variety of colors and patterns.“ Electronic Caregiver Offers Modern Medical Alert Pendants: CES 2019

Financial Impact of Virtual Caregiving

“Working with partners such as the geriatric and movement disorders labs at New Mexico State University, and engaging in clinical trials with G60 Trauma who specializes in trauma care for age 60+ patients, they have developed a stunning, affordable, virtual caregiving system that is predicted to cut costs upwards of 92% between now and 2050…” […]

The Addison Care AR/VR Laboratory at NMSU

The Addison Care VR/AR Laboratory will be located inside Milton Hall. NMSU professors Phillip Post, interim department head of the Department of Kinesiology and Dance, and Michael C. Hout, NMSU associate professor in the Department of Psychology, will co-direct the lab. NMSU students and professors will have access to the lab in order to conduct […]

Health Care Weekly Best Gadgets CES 2019

“Engineered to sound affectionate and empathetic, Addison is a companion, a nurse and a fitness instructor all in one.” https://healthcareweekly.com/best-health-gadgets-displayed-at-ces-2019/?fbclid=IwAR0usXgGO2dzc9tQkeuvEigbvQe1Gj6cTch9JnZCg2fyfe4463_7nsaJnBc