About Us

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Our team has over 50 years of experience providing innovative technologies for health, life safety, environmental and security monitoring and services, and today we are the trusted source for automated health and home care systems. We support and protect thousands of clients and patients nationwide.

Our multidisciplinary team includes leading executive management and board members with long and proven achievements in areas of customer service, advanced electronics, software engineering, medical treatment, health innovation, clinical research, academic research, manufacturing, monitoring services and most importantly, client satisfaction.

Today we are the trusted source of proven, proprietary solutions for electronics home care support, chronic disease management, virtual caregiving, monitored response, and methods to drive efficacy and outcomes.

We have completed 8 years of research and development to create our Addison Care and Electronic Caregiver systems. The process involved inventing a complex mobile laboratory for engaging and screening thousands of patients using a variety of technologies, in collaboration with hundreds of health and care organizations nationwide.